Here's all the things I've made for download!


Molly's Room (The Ghost and Molly McGee)

It's the ghost, it's the ghost, and Molly Mcgee! For the lovers of the spooky- or not-so-spooky, as the case may be. Though this attic is quite haunted, I assure you he's friendly.

What this playscene lacks in floor space, it more than makes up for in shelf space. The shelves, bed, windowsill, stool, beanbag, and nightstand all function as ledges.

Download (Petz 4)
Download (Petz 5)

Minecraft Splashes in Petz

Replace the splash text in the Petz launcher with those from Minecraft! Up to date with 1.19. Some of the splashes may appear broken, this is due to Petz not supporting certain certain text features (such as different colours) that are available in Minecraft.



Petz Splashes in Minecraft

Replace the splash text on the Minecraft title screen with those from either Petz 4 or 5! Both resource packs are up to date with 1.19, however they should work in earlier versions.

Download (Petz 4 Splashes)
Download (Petz 5 Splashes)

Standard Companion Alphabet

Have you ever wanted to replace Minecraft's enchanting language (AKA Standard Galactic Alphabet) with the language of the companions from Stray? If for whatever reason you have, this resource pack is perfect for you!